No one cares for you more than the people who love you the most. CDPAP program allows family and friends (except spouses) to care for the patients and get paid for it without the need for a certificate.
Our certified home health aides are kind, compassionate, and experienced caregivers who speak your language and understand your culture. We work diligently with our patients and their families to identify the caregivers that will best fit their individual needs.
Registered nurses ensure we provide the best quality home care to our patients. By working closely with our patients and providing additional training to our aides, we strive to care for our patients as we would for our own family members.
Medicaid patients qualify for home care services if they are enrolled in Managed Long Term Care Plans. Assisted Home Care Services understands the difficulties and intricacies of qualifying and we take a personal approach with every patient to ensure efficient and painless enrollment process.
The health and quality of life of your loved ones is our top priority. Assisted Home Care Services works with you and your loved ones in establishing and providing a plan of care at very affordable rates. Give us a call today to see how we can give your family members the care they need and the peace of mind you deserve.